Interesting times, I’m a happy man
when aspiring
not to be Gates but Dylan

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Guys like Harold are everywhere. The mad ones who loves making decisions. Decisions is their fuel and it runs them like an addiction with an ever increasing tolerance at an insane pace. These guys lives and breathes for fast closures so they can move on and make more decisions. Get more done.
I’m not like that. I like to keep my options open as long as possible deciding if I really want to go to this or that
party as I walk in the door.
When I’m with people like that it’s like putting a keg of dry powder in a match factory. One spark, and it gets interesting. And Harold just walked in.

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This Monday on love

It’s the strangest thing. Love. Equal parts joy and agony. Love can warm the soul and scorch the spirit. This is a beast not to be tampered with yet everyone has to do it. No fairness to be found here, it’s each on his own and every battle must be fought and won. Love offers no battle without a scar and no victory without a war. And this is the point. You cannot have love, unless you fight and you cannot fight without love. So, if you want love you’ll have to fight for it. No one wins a heart without firm and directed action. Love is the show, pain the price of admission.

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I find it very difficult to express feelings and wants verbally. I’m the guy who really really wants something but never discloses what it is.

I have no words
no language
for these feelings
what I think
what I feel
cannot escape this prison
black dead walls
keeps it in
silence my nemesis
fear my foe
beautiful inside
awkward outside
searching for the key
when found
I’m yours to open

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No name for this

This is how I feel today.

Strange feelings floods a hungry heart
Pouring colours of the rainbow to the sounds of a thousand harps
Millions of thoughts soothes and excites the soul
Tickeles the imagination creativity never grows old
Two becomes one, a new world ready to explore
Oh, how life is sweet, when you have seen the lion roar

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Trying to include female values and harvest the creative output is never easy. But individuation must progress.

Seduced by Lilith
Celebrating with Ishtar, dancing with her whores
Their names can make them fade away
But my lips are sealed and my mind is closed
Shadow is on the prowl
Leaving Babylon behind is never easy


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Feline feelings

Growth is internal and change is external. For change to happen one first needs to grow, and to grow, one will need to understand the origin relative to the current status.


I thought I was a dog but I'm a cat

No master to please. No tail to wag

On my own, I sharpen my claws

lick my paws and tighten my jaws

one life to spare, nine is a rotten lie

I’ll lacerate a feeding hand and poke a loving eye

for I am me, but if this you understand

I'll walk beside you and forever hold your hand


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Ground zero

The journey has been long and the meandering road full of pitfalls and distraction. But now, I’m here and ready to publish my first unique creative piece.

Not long, not new, not even elegant, but it’s mine.

Please leaves comments if you like it, and leave comments if you hate it. Critique is a driver for creative growth and any art will starve without it.


Moved slightly by foaming waters of a thundering river

Waved gently by strong winds of a wild hurricane

Nudged faintly by a fast moving freight train

Yet swept away by the calm sea of love


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